Canberra Pole Dancing

The Brass Room is Canberra’s premier pole dancing studio. It’s owned by Katy Eve, professional pole dancer and instructor and winner of many state, national and international titles. We specialise in the sexy or classic style of pole, and we believe that everybody should be able to be and feel sexy in their own skin. We offer an encouraging and supportive environment for everyone to dance.

Our instructors

Katy Eve

Katy Eve is the owner and head instructor of The Brass Room.

“I wanted to create a sexy style pole dancing studio in Canberra, where all genders could come and dance, but more than that I wanted to create a community! A welcoming, encouraging and positive community of people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.
I love the sexy style of pole dancing and being able to openly express your sexiness which is truly empowering and I wanted to share that with others! To give them that empowerment and self confidence but also a fun fitness alternative and sense of belonging. We achieve this at The Brass Room through small class sizes with an emphasis on encouraging and individually tailored instruction. We offer classes in all levels from absolute beginners to advanced as well as exotic choreography, floor work and flexibility classes.”

Katy’s pole dancing titles include:

  • Winner Pole Theatre UK Classique Division & Overall
  • 2x Finalist Pole Theatre World 2017/18
  • 2x Winner Miss Pole Dance Australia ACT 2017/18
  • 4x Finalist Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014-18
  • 2x Finalist Pole Theatre Sydney 2015/16
  • Finalist Felix Cane Pole Championships 2015
  • Winner Pole Theatre Australia Classique Division 2015
  • Winner Dance Filthy 2015
  • Second Runner-Up Miss Pole Dance Australia WA 2015
  • Finalist Miss Pole Dance WA 2014
  • Finalist Pole Candy Semi-Pro 2013
  • Winner Australian Capital Pole Championships Amateur 2013


Watch Katy’s Winning Pole Theatre UK performance here:

Miss Sang

Amy Sang (or Sang as we all call her) has been dancing for 27 years in styles jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary, heels, ballet, musical theatre and most recently in aerial pole. With her extensive training in dance and 15 years of teaching at her own dance school Capital Dance Studios, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion of the sport.

Sang started pole in 2014 and has never looked back! Her time at The Brass Room has been incredible to say the least. Teaching mainly Advanced Pole and Exotic Dance for the students at The Brass Room, Sang is inspired by Russian Exotic Dance and her personal experience in hip hop and contemporary which she brings into her choreography.

Miss Sang’s titles include:
Assistant Director, Femme Rebelle Dance Program, 2019-2020
Winner, Australian Pole Championships ACT, Doubles Division, 2019
First Runner Up, Australian Pole Championships Finals, Doubles Division, 2019
First Runner Up, Australian Pole Championships ACT, Professional Division, 2019
Winner, FloorPlay, 2018
Winner, Pole Theatre, Art Division, 2018
First Runner Up, Australian Pole Championships ACT, 2018
Winner, Miss Pole Dance ACT, 2018
First Runner Up, Miss Pole Dance ACT, 2019
First Runner Up, Miss Pole Dance Australia, 2018
Top 100 Finalist, So You Think You Can Dance, 2012
Finalist, World Hip Hop Championships USA, 2013 and 2010
Certificate 4, Full Time Performing Arts, 2007


Kaylah has been pole dancing since 2013 and loves every part of it. As an adult she was looking for a hobby and something for a bit of fun – pole dancing was perfect! She loves anything flexy, spinning, flipping or tumbling, but most of all she loves all the beautiful friends she’s made along the way. During the day she works full-time and has a gorgeous little boy. Kaylah loves teaching people and helping them achieve what they didn’t think they could as well as watching them progress through their pole journey.

Kaylah’s titles include:
Winner, Australian Pole Championships ACT, Amateur Division, 2018
Finalist, Miss Pole Dance ACT, Amateur Division, 2018
Finalist, Dance Filthy Australia, Amateur Division, 2018
Winner, Miss Pole Dance ACT, Doubles Division, 2016


Ree Ree

Ree Ree has been pole dancing with The Brass Room since 2016. She loves the sensual side of pole dancing and the confidence it brings her. Ree Ree had no prior dance background before pole-dancing but found the sexy style of dancing that The Brass Room is well-known for came very naturally to her. Entering her 1st pole dance competition in 2018 and becoming an instructor in 2019 has been the highlight of her pole dancing journey.

As an instructor Ree Ree loves encouraging her students to achieve their goals and loves watching them progress and become more and more confident each class.

Ree Ree’s titles include:
Winner, Risqué, Miss Floorwhore, 2019

Jay Elle

Jay Elle has been pole dancing for nine years and has been teaching at The Brass Room since 2018.

She loves sharing her passion with her students and being on the stage.

Jay Elle’s titles include:
Miss Showgirl, Risqué, 2019
Crowd Favourite, Miss Pole Dance ACT, 2019
Miss Showgirl, Risqué, 2018


Lexi has been pole dancing since 2013, beginning on a whim with no real dance or gymnastic training. She began instructing at The Brass Room in June 2019. She is known for her flexible shapes and flawless lines both on and off the pole. Lexi enjoys the slow, sensual and sultry style of pole dancing which she can explore freely with her students at The Brass Room. Seeing others grow in strength and confidence is something that inspires Lexi to continue to create a fun and supportive environment.

Lexi loves that at The Brass Room you are free to be who you are and express yourself. You are allowed to feel sexy for yourself and express that feeling surrounded by other supportive individuals. The level of support and community that has been built amongst the teachers and students is something that Lexi hopes every individual who comes to The Brass Room can share.

Lexi’s titles include:
Winner, Risqué, Elite Division, 2019
Finalist, Pole Theatre Amateur, Classique Division, 2019
Finalist, Miss Pole Dance ACT, Amateur Division, 2019
First Runner Up, Miss Pole Dance ACT, Amateur Division, 2018
Finalist, Risqué, 2018
Finalist, Risqué, 2017


Stasi is known at The Brass Room for being a little pocket rocket with lots of sass and ass!

She has been pole dancing since 2019 and fell in love with the way it makes her feel. She values what the pole dancing community that The Brass Room has to offer and the lifelong friendships she has made. Stasi has developed a love for exotic flow with sexy movements, but also loves challenging herself with strong, powerful goals.

Stasi was beyond excited to start 2020 as part of The Brass Room Instructor Team and loves to see her little Beginner babies fall in love with themselves and achieve their goals and to feel comfortable and sexy in the skin they’re in!

Stasi’s titles include:
Winner, Risqué, Beginner Division, 2019


Cass has been pole dancing since 2015 and loves the strength and control that comes with dancing. As someone who certainly never grew up as an athlete this was challenging at first but soon grew to be a strong passion and focus.

At The Brass Room, Cass has embraced in full force the sexy side to pole and she has developed a new love for flow and exotic movement. She loves watching students grow and develop their love and passion for dance and couldn’t be happier or prouder when they achieve their goals.

Cass started in 2020 as a Brass Room instructor she is excited to guide and assist students to develop their confidence and fall in love with pole like she did.

Lola Legs

Lola is known at The Brass Room for her luscious long legs and bright personality. She is passionate about making people fall in love with their own movement, a journey she is continuing to this day. She loves exploring shapes and positions that ignite that spark of special energy in herself and her students.

As someone who never really found joy in exercise, it wasn’t until her early adulthood that Lola discovered pole dancing and found the magic she’d been looking for. Six years in and there’s no stopping her now!

After representing The Brass Room proudly as an Ambassador in 2019 and taking to the stage in her first competition, Risqué, Lola is proud to be part of The Brass Room Instructor team. She aims to bring her students passion and excitement for all of their goals as they smash them together and share what she has learned along the way.

Lola’s titles include:
Finalist, Risqué, Intermediate Division, 2019


Apples started pole dancing in 2014 never having taken any other dance or gymnastics classes prior (although she was always attempting to be a gymnast on the playground!). She continued training in the UK before moving to Canberra and joining The Brass Room as a beginner after a 2 year break from pole dancing. Thankfully at The Brass Room she was able to learn how to invert properly and a lot of her earlier training came into full force.

Apples’ dance style has a contemporary lyrical flow and she loves releasing emotion and energy through dance. The Brass Room has given her the freedom to explore her own style and share this with others. Her favourite part of pole dancing is putting on music and losing yourself in the moment to freestyle flow.

Apples loves that pole makes her feel capable and strong and turns the focus away from what your body looks like, to what your body can do. Apples enjoys performing at The Brass Room showcases and was excited to do her first photoshoot last year!


Amelia started pole dancing after enrolling in a Mini Term at The Brass Room in 2018 and has been hooked ever since! She loves that pole makes her feel confident and strong and loves the empowering community at The Brass Room.

Amelia trained as a dancer in a junior hip hop crew and took classes in many different dance styles prior to pole dancing. Amelia loves learning new tricks but her favourite class is exotic dance.

Amelia started instructing at The Brass Room in 2020 and she has really enjoyed being able to share her love of pole and help people progress in their pole journeys.

Sara Lou

Sara Lou comes from a dance background and started pole dancing in 2017 at The Brass Room. Sara Lou found pole was a way of rediscovering herself and was the start of her journey into self-love and acceptance. She describes The Brass Room as “my happy place!”

Sara Lou loves that pole dancing is an empowering sport that makes you feel sexy, strong and confident and loves sharing her passion with her students. She loves to watch her students grow and transform into more confident individuals in not only pole but all aspects of life.

Sara Lou’s titles include:
Winner, Risqué, Beginner Division, 2018


Eris started pole dancing in 2014 with no dance experience and loved it right away. To the extent that Eris competed over the next few years in multiple competitions including Mr Pole Dance and the Australian Pole Championships.

After a two-year break from pole dancing, Eris enrolled at The Brass Room in 2020 and can’t imagine life without it ever again. “Where else do you get to make friends (and bruises) while feeling beautiful, goofy and sexy all at once?”

Eris’ titles include:

1st Runner Up, Australian Pole Championships, Battle Division, 2017
1st Runner Up, Australian Pole Championships, Battle Division, 2016
Finalist, Mr Pole Dance, 2016
Finalist, Australian Pole Championships, Battle Division, 2015

Sheila Tequila

Sheila Tequila first started her pole journey in 2015 when one of her friends bought her a dance class voucher as a birthday gift and she has been in love ever since.

She loves the power pole dancing has and how it enables women to feel strong, empowered and own their bodies. She has always been passionate about dancing and performing from a young age and although she has never had formal training she has always been the kind of girl that will dance on the table at any occasion.

What Sheila loves most about The Brass Room is that she has found a place she can call her dance home – filled with like-minded individuals that are encouraged to express and be themselves and support one another through dance and creative exploration.

She aims to bring some playfulness and sensuality to all she does and encourages those around her to have fun along their journey.


Jess has been pole dancing since 2016 and started as a student at The Brass Room.

Jess has a prior dance background in various styles and pole dancing reignited her love of dancing. She loves how powerful and sexy pole dancing makes her feel.

As an instructor her favourite thing is seeing the progress her students make each week and their faces when they finally nail a trick!


August has been dancing for eleven years and has been pole dancing since 2017.

August loves finding her own sexy and exploring moves that make her feel confident. Pole helped August on her journey of self love and she loves watching people fall in love with their body like she did.

August enjoys teaching because she gets to introduce people to something she loves so much. She believes watching people come into themselves, gain confidence and love their body is one of the best parts of being an instructor.


Liz fell in love with pole dancing from her very first lesson in 2015. Through pole-dancing, Liz was able to discover what her body can do and how strong she can be.

Liz had no previous dance or pole experience prior to beginning pole (other than being a big monkey-bars fan in the playground!).

At The Brass Room, Liz has learned to explore and celebrate her own dance style. She enjoys seeing others do the same in the wonderfully supportive community at The Brass Room.


Ebony started pole dancing in 2019 with no dance training and fell in love immediately!

She enjoys the range of different dance styles explored at The Brass Room.

Ebony loves seeing the positive impact that pole dancing has on people’s lives and how it builds confidence and allows people to express themselves.