Canberra Pole Dancing

The Brass Room is Canberra’s premier pole dancing studio. It’s owned by Katy Eve, professional pole dancer and instructor and winner of many state and national titles. We specialise in the sexy or classic style of pole, and we believe that every women should be able to be and feel sexy in their own skin. We offer an encouraging and supportive environment for all women to dance.

Our instructors

Katy Eve The Brass Room Owner and Instructor

Katy Eve

Katy Eve is the owner and head instructor of The Brass Room.

“I wanted to create a sexy style pole dancing studio in Canberra, where women and men could come and dance, but more than that I wanted to create a community! A welcoming, encouraging and positive community of people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.
I love the sexy style of pole dancing and being able to openly express your sexiness which is truly empowering and I wanted to share that with others! To give them that empowerment and self confidence but also a fun fitness alternative and sense of belonging. We achieve this at The Brass Room through small class sizes with an emphasis on encouraging and individually tailored instruction. We offer classes in all levels from absolute beginners to advanced as well as exotic choreography, floor work and flexibility classes.”

Katy’s titles include:

  • 2x Finalist Pole Theatre World 2017/18
  • 2x Winner Miss Pole Dance Australia ACT 2017/18
  • 4x Finalist Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014-18
  • 2x Finalist Pole Theatre Sydney 2015/16
  • Finalist Felix Cane Pole Championships 2015
  • Winner Pole Theatre Classique 2015
  • Winner Dance Filthy 2015
  • Second Runner-Up Miss Pole Dance Australia WA 2015
  • Finalist Miss Pole Dance WA 2014
  • Finalist Pole Candy Semi-Pro 2013
  • Winner Australian Capital Pole Championships Amateur 2013


Dixie Instructor


Dixie has been pole dancing for just over two years and loves everything about it! The strength, the flexibility, the confidence it brings, the never ending list of things to accomplish, the community we have! But maybe most of all she loves the heels, sexiness & the glitter!
Dixie grew up as a competitive equestrian riding horses from the age of three. She is now a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach which is a huge part of her day job in law enforcement.
Dixie loves teaching as it enables her to share her passion for pole dancing. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her beautiful students embrace their sexy side and increase their confidence! Her classes are always full of energy and fun – expect to hear quotes such as: ‘Ok babies we are going to have some fun!’ and ‘Ok my Baby Angels lets do this!’




Sofia has been pole dancing for 5 years, her love for pole really blossomed when she discovered exotic pole dance after joining The Brass Room 2 years ago. She began competing at the end of 2016, and was thrilled to start instructing at the Brass Room in 2017. Sofia loves helping students achieve their goals and surprising themselves with what they are capable of, but more so, she is grateful for the opportunity to watch people fall in love with themselves. Sofia has a background in lyrical and jazz dance, and also loves to sweat it out in vinyasa flow yoga.

Sofia’s titles include:
Finalist Dance Filthy Amateur 2018
Second Runner up Miss Pole Dance ACT Amateur 2017
Runner up Poison Ivy 2017


Ivy white


Ivy has been pole dancing on and off for around five years, starting in Sydney. When she started pole dancing she had no previous dance background and has loved transforming from an absolute beginner. Ivy was the first ever student at the The Brass Room!
She really enjoys sexy choreography and body rolling – which she could not do as a beginner! She absolutely loves that pole has helped her feel more sexy and confident.
As an Instructor Ivy is caring and encouraging! Always making her students feel special. She loves helping her students build confidence, capability in moves and building their strength.

Miss Sensuality Risqué Amateur Pole Competition 2017


Taylor Promo


After coming from a hip hop dance background, Taylor-Jade combines her intricate and dynamic movements with her naturally adopted sensual style of pole dancing. On to her 5th year of pole dancing, Taylor-Jade has been with The Brass Room from the very beginning. As dance has always been her primary source of self expression, she is constantly experimenting with her unique choreography.

“The most rewarding thing about teaching for me is watching my students blossom into strong, confident people. There is nothing more empowering than accomplishing your pole goals and not only will that show in the studio, but it will also reflect on you as a person!”

Finalist Miss Pole Dance ACT Amateur Division 2017