Risqué Pole Competition


Competitor Information

Risqué will be held on Saturday 2nd October in Canberra ACT. It is classified as a social Amateur and Semi Professional competition. Entry is open to anyone aged over 18 years. There are four divisions – Amateur: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and Semi Professional.

Entries Closed

· Performers must be currently enrolled in a beginner, pre intermediate or equivalent class
· No upside down pole tricks.

· Performers must be currently enrolled in an intermediate or equivalent class.
· No Handsprings/ static Vs.

· Performer must be currently enrolled in an advanced or equivalent class.
· Performers can have previously placed in a social amateur pole competition.

· Performer must be currently enrolled in an advanced or equivalent class.
· Performers must enter Semi Pro if they have previously won a graded amateur pole competition.

If you are unsure which division you are eligible for you can read the Australian Pole Competition Guidelines, or please contact us directly to discuss.

All competitors are required to submit a video entry upon application.

Video Entry Guidelines:
1. Videos will be judged on the first 3 minutes only.
2. Video submissions will be judged on the Judging Criteria below.
3. Videos must be on YouTube or Vimeo formats.
4. Videos must be one take with no editing.
5. The video must be a solo of you only.
6. Its strongly recommend that the video demonstrates ‘sexy pole dancing’ in heels. So that the judges can see you can perform a ‘Risqué’ style show for an audience.
7. The video does not have to be your show for the competition.


Judging Criteria

Performers will be judged on four (4) of the following categories:

1. Costume and theme: ​
Refers to the performers originality and creativity they put into their costume, props and theme. The costume must tie back into the theme of the performance. The theme must carry through the whole show and be relevant to the performance. 10 Points

2. Pole skill and technique: ​
Refers to the performer’s control and skilful execution of tricks and technique. Performers must be able to perform tricks and combinations with fluidity, control and full extension. Technique is emphasised over difficulty of tricks. 10 Points

3. Floor work and dance: ​
Refers to the performer’s ability to incorporate sensual movements of dance and floorwork into their performance and to move seamlessly between the poles and around the stage. The performer must cover the whole stage. 10 Points

4. Risqué element and stage presence: ​
Refers to the performer’s ability to engage and entertain the audience through creativity, entertainment and originality. The performer needs to be comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to express their sensual side through pole dance. Risqué element is all about shocking the audience in a sexually suggestive way but non vulgar. 10 Points

Awards and Titles
There will be an overall title given in each division, The performer in each division with the highest score will be awarded the winner of their level.
· Risqué Beginner Winner
· Risqué Intermediate Winner
· Risqué Advanced Winner
· Risqué Semi Professional Winner

In addition to the division winners – the performer with the highest score in each category will be awarded the category winner. There will also be two (2) sponsor’s choice awards.
· Showgirl (Costume and theme category)
· Floorwhore (Floor work and dance category)
· Technique (Pole skill and technique category)
· Crowd Pleaser (Risqué factor and stage presence)
· Sensuality (Sponsor’s choice)
· Flexibility (Sponsor’s choice)
· Bootylicious (Sponsor’s choice)
· Congeniality (Organiser’s choice)