Canberra Classique Amateur Pole Competition

Canberra Amateur Pole Competition – Saturday 15th May 2021



Competitor Information

Canberra Classique is classified as a social amateur competition. Entry is open to anyone within the Canberra region. There are three divisions – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.



  • No upside down pole tricks.
  • Performer must be currently enrolled in a beginner, pre intermediate or equivalent class.



  • Performers must be currently enrolled in an intermediate or equivalent class.
  • Performers must have a minimum of three points of contact with the pole.



  • Performer must be currently enrolled in an Advanced or equivalent class.
  • No Performers who have competed in a national semi or professional pole competition.

If you are unsure which division you are eligible for, please contact us directly to discuss.

All competitors are required to submit a video entry upon application.

Video Entry Guidelines:
1. Videos will be judged on the first 2 minutes only.
2. Video submissions will be judged on performance, pole skill and dance.
3. Videos must be on YouTube or Vimeo formats.
4. Videos must be one take with no editing.
5. The video must be a solo of you with no other performers.
6. It’s strongly recommend that the video demonstrates ‘sensual pole dancing’ in heels. So that the judges can see you can perform a ‘Classique’ style show for an audience.
7. The video does not have to be your show for the competition.


Entries now OPEN! Closing Thursday March 18th 11:59pm.

1. Process application fee here: APPLICATION FEE

2. Fill in form here:


Show Details
1. Performers must arrive at the venue at their allocated time on the day for rehearsals. The show will commence at 6:30pm sharp, All performers must be at the venue no later than 5pm for a compulsory meeting.
2. There is one 3.2m 38mm brass Pussycat pole on the stage, the performer may choose to have the pole on static or spin.
3. The performer must enter one (1) of three (3) divisions: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. There will be thirty (30) competitor spots available.
4. Performances must be under the allocated time allowed for each level, beginners 2.5 minutes, intermediate 3 minutes and advanced and elite 3.5 minutes. All performances that exceed time limits will have their music cut on the night.
5. The performer must be amateur as per the social amateur guidelines.
6. Performers must not have previously competed in a national semi professional or professional competition.
7. The Organiser reserves the right to change a competitors division should they see fit. The competitor will be notified if this be required.
8. Performers must not consume alcohol or any prohibited substance prior to performing.
9. Performers must be in costume for the final awards.
10. Photography and filming is permitted and highly encouraged. Performers may post their full performances publicly after the event is over.
11. Performers are aware that they will be photographed or videoed during their performance.
12. The performer acknowledges that photos or video may be published by the Organisers.
13. The performer releases all rights or claims over any photos or videos, and acknowledges that such material is the property of and can be used by the Organisers for promotional or other uses, without compensation to the performer.
14. There will be three (3) judges. Performers must not communicate with the members of the judging panel before or during the competition.

Props and Costume
1. Performers are permitted to use any props and additional performers provided that:
a. the space allows for it physically;
b. it is of a size that can be easily transported on a plane (so that interstate competitors are not disadvantaged);
c. it is safe (no glass or hard objects being thrown)
d. it can be set up and removed in under three (3) minutes.
2. If any props are to be used, performers must advise us on application or via email by 1st May 2021, no props will be approved after this date.

Judging Criteria
Performers will be judged on four (4) of the following categories:
1. Costume and theme: ​
Refers to the performers originality and creativity they put into their costume, props and theme. The costume must tie back into the theme of the performance. The theme must carry through the whole show and be relevant to the performance. 10 Points
2. Pole skill and technique: ​
Refers to the performer’s control and skillful execution of tricks and technique. Performers must be able to perform tricks and combinations with fluidity, control and full extension. Technique is emphasized over difficulty of tricks. 10 Points
3. Floorwork and dance: ​
Refers to the performer’s ability to incorporate sensual dance and floorwork into their performance using the music. The performer must create seamless movements between the poles and around the stage. 10 points
4. Classique element and stage presence: ​
Refers to the performer’s ability to engage and entertain the audience through dance and originality. The performer needs to be comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to express their sensual side through pole dance. Classique style is about enticing the audience in a sensual way but not vulgar. 10 points

Awards and Titles
There will be an overall title given in each division, The performer in each division with the highest score will be awarded the winner of their level.
· Canberra Classique Beginner Winner
· Canberra Classique Intermediate Winner
· Canberra Classique Advanced Winner
In addition to the division winners – the performer with the highest score in each category will be awarded the category winner.
· Miss Showgirl (Costume and theme category)
· Miss Floorflow (Floor work and dance category)
· Miss Technique (Pole skill and technique category)
· Miss Sensuality (Classique element)