In Da House – Sexy Showcase


The Brass Room will be hosting the online In Da House Showcase on Saturday 9th October at 7pm via Zoom. 

Entry is open to all Brass Room Students. First in best dressed.

There are three divisions – Beginner (Beginner/Pre Intermediate), Intermediate (Intermediate/High Intermediate) and Advanced (Pre Advanced/Advanced). The performer can choose one of the three ‘apparatus’ Floor, Pole or Chair. 


In this category the performer must only use the floor as their apparatus.

In the Pole category a pole is used as the apparatus and must be a home setup with no studio poles.

The Chair category is any apparatus found in your house, for example lounge, chair, stool or bed.


BEGINNER DIVISION (2 minute maximum)

NO upside down pole tricks.
Performers must be a Beginner or Pre Intermediate level student.

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION (3 minute maximum)

Performers must be an Intermediate or High Intermediate level student.

ADVANCED DIVISION (3.5 minute maximum)

Performers must be a Pre Advanced or Advanced level student. 



  1. The performer must enter one (1) of three (3) divisions: beginner, intermediate or advanced. 
  2. The performer must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Performances must be under the allocated time allowed for each level. Beginner 2 minutes, Intermediate 3 minutes and Advanced 3.5 minutes. 
  4. Performers are aware that their performances may be shared publicly by organisers.
  5. There will be judges who will supply feedback to each performer. Performers must not communicate with the members of the judging panel before or during the competition.


Props and Costume

  1. Performers are permitted to use any props.
  2. Performers are allowed to remove items of costume, down to g-string and pasties


Judging Criteria

Performers will be judged on four (4) of the following categories:

  1. Costume and theme: ​

Refers to the performers originality and creativity they put into their costume, props and theme. The costume must tie back into the theme of the performance. The theme must carry through the whole show and be relevant to the performance. 

  1. Apparatus skill and technique: ​

Refers to the performer’s control and skillful execution of tricks and technique on their apparatus. Performers must be able to perform tricks and combinations with fluidity, control and full extension. Technique is emphasized over difficulty of tricks. 

  1. Floor work and dance: ​

Refers to the performer’s ability to incorporate sensual movements of dance to the music and to move seamlessly around the apparatus.  

  1. Sex appeal and stage presence: ​

Refers to the performer’s ability to engage and entertain the audience through the video using creativity, entertainment and originality. The performer needs to be comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to express their sensual side through dance. No vulgarity.



Special awards TBA.



  1. Process entry fee here: ENTRY FEE
  2. Fill in entry form here: ENTRY FORM