We understand that starting Pole Dancing for the very first time can be very daunting so here are some the most common questions and concerns answered:

“Should I get fitter first?”

No, you don’t need to be fit to start a Beginner Pole Dancing class. All of our Beginner classes are tailored to people who are completely new. You’ll get fit as you go, but the great thing is you won’t even notice or care because you’ll be too busy having fun!

“Do I need to lose weight before I start?”

There aren’t any weigh-ins here! We welcome all shapes and sizes, back grounds, strengths and weaknesses at The Brass Room. There is no need to change anything about yourself, just come as you are!

“I’m worried about how my body looks.”

Society tells us that our body should look a certain way and this can be a really hard step to get over – we absolutely get that! We all have our body hang-ups. At The Brass Room if you have a body and it turns up to class each week then it’s the perfect body!

“What if I’m not strong enough?”

You may actually surprise yourself by how strong you really are! Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and that’s ok. We all have to start somewhere, you will slowly build your strength up through the levels. We do not go upside down on the pole until Intermediate level.

“I’m worried about what people will say.”

We pride ourselves on having a supportive and non-judgmental environment at The Brass Room. If other people judge you for doing something that is going to build your confidence, fitness and make you happy then maybe those people aren’t your people. You’ll have lots of new pole friends to hang out with anyway!

“I’m not sure If I can afford it.”

Our Classes are comparable if not cheaper than similar group exercises. But more importantly the value that Pole Dancing will bring to all aspects to you life is absolutely priceless! It’s not just learning to dance around a pole, it is an investment in your self confidence, sexiness, fitness, internal and external strength and happiness. It will give you a sense of belonging and great friends.

“I’m a really shy person.”

Everyone is shy for their first class – so you won’t be alone! The instructor will make you feel comfortable and at home. We promise by the end of the term you will be a sexy and confident. You may not even recognise yourself!

What do I wear?

Most importantly wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Active wear and shorts are best so you can use your legs to grip to the pole. Beginners usually wear no shoes but if you want to bring your heels along, please go for it!

I’m coming from another studio, what level will I be at The Brass Room?

We allow anyone from all studios to take classes with us. If you are wanting to book a class Intermediate or above you will be required to do an assessment with an instructor. This half hour assessment is one-on-one with an instructor and costs $25. Email us at info@thebrassroom.com.au to book.

Is your question not answered here? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.