Pole Dancing Classes

The Brass Room offers group pole dancing classes from Beginner through to Advanced. Our terms run for 8 weeks, consisting of a 1 hour lesson each week and our classes are kept small for exclusive personalised instruction. Classes include a range of pole moves and combinations, dance and floor movement combined into a sexy and fun choreographed routine.

Interested in private lessons? Learn more here.


Beginner Pole Dancing Canberra


Our Beginner classes are for brand new students. You don’t need to have any experience, dance background or fitness level to start. Beginner classes are designed to introduce you to pole dancing. You will learn basic pole movements combined into a choreographed routine that will help build your upper body and core strength and increase your fitness. All while having fun!

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks


Intermediate Pole Dancing CanberraOnce you’ve completed a Beginners course you are now ready to build on the basic moves you’ve learnt with some more complex moves, spins and combinations. Includes a fun choreographed routine.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks



Get ready to go upside down! By now you’re feeling stronger and you’re ready to take on some more impressive moves. We will teach you how to put your moves into more challenging dance combinations and a choreographed routine.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks


High Intermediate Pole Dancing Canberra


By now you are feeling confident with basic inverting. Continue to build on core invert elements, worked into a choreographed routine. By this stage you are a hooked pole-addict!

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks

Pre-AdvancedAdvanced Pole Dancing Canberra

Now you’re getting serious! Get ready to learn some of the more complex pole moves. You must be confident in inside and outside leg hangs on both sides and aerial inverts to progress into this course.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks



Get ready to put all of the complex pole moves you have learnt into some seriously hard combinations and a choreographed routine. Must be confident in shoulder mounts, static Vs and be able to complete the Pre-Advanced routine to progress.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks

Exotic Pole DanceExotic Pole Dancing Canberra

Just want to dance without the tricks? Well this is the class for you! Learn a new routine every week in exotic style pole dancing. We recommend that you have previously completed a Beginners course.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour – 8 weeks

Basic Sexy Floor Movement

In this class you will learn the basics of sexy floor movement, including a range of dance movements and flows. All put together into a fun and sexy choreographed routine. All Levels.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks


Advanced Sexy Floor Movement

Get ready to learn more advanced sexy floor movement, including a range of floor tricks and flows. All put together into a challenging and sexy choreographed routine. Must be confident in Basic Floor Movement to enrol.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks



Wiggle, bounce and Pop! Love the skin you’re in and shake the booty you have! Have fun and get sassy while learning to shake what your mama gave you. Working on the floor, on your feet and on the pole! Open to all levels.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks


Splits Flexibility Pole Dancing Canberra


Splits and Backbends

This course is designed to help build your flexibility. We use a combination of both active and static stretching with a focus on the correct technique and alignment. Includes both flexibility using strength and specific flexibility to pole dancing. Options are given for all levels.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks


Contortion Basics

Learn the basics of contortion, in this class you will learn techniques to become more flexible than you ever thought possible! We recommend this class for more advanced students, although the instructor will give options to suit all levels.

Cost of term: $199 – 1 hour class – 8 weeks


Bookings and Specials

All bookings require a 50% deposit of your term costs to secure your spot in your desired classes, on a first in best dressed basis. Classes all run for 1 hour, for a total of eight week terms.

Enrol in more than one class and SAVE! We offer a 25-45% off discount to all students enrolling in consecutive classes within the same term. See our bookings page here.


Practice Time

Practice makes perfect! We strongly recommend to practice what you have been taught in classes. We offer practice time for all students. The practice sessions are featured on our timetable and cost $10 per hour for current students. We offer discounted passes of ten sessions for $79.

Private Pole Dancing Lessons

All private pole lessons consist of an exclusive session of personalised pole dancing instruction. Lessons are tailored to your needs and level.

Price: $119 one-on-one per hour

We also offer 5 and 10 lesson packages at a discounted rate – this is a great option for students wanting long term exclusive instruction.

Terms and Conditions

Fees and Discounts

Term fees are $199 for a term of 8 weeks. Casual classes for enrolled students are $20 and $30 for non-students. If you book into more than one class per term you will receive a 50% discount on subsequent classes. For example: 2 classes $299, 3 classes $399 etc.


Refunds and Transfers

Please be aware we do not offer transfers or refunds on term fees once payment has been made. Please consider your classes carefully before booking. We do not transfer classes missed to the next term. If you miss a class you have the option of doing a catch up class within the same 8 week term. We hold your place in the class that you have booked for that term. We cannot guarantee that we will always have room in another class for you to catch up. Missed classes do not rollover to the next term, if you do not attend all of your classes they will be forfeited.